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by Alice Koh on Sinclair Chiropractic

I had my first chiropractic treatment with Dr Mark Sinclair in 2008. I was suffering from thyroid eye disease then - a result of a hyper thyroid gland. My eyes were popping out of its socket and I was seeing everything in doubles. I was on the thyroid medication and when I was first told to give Dr Mark Sinclair a try I was skeptical because I have been seeing a chiropractor in Takapuna for about two years during that time. I was so sure that seeing a second chiropractor is a total waste of time and money. Anyway, because I was praying for a cure, I decided to go consult Dr Mark Sinclair. It is amazing - Mark changed my life. My thyroid started to get better and after seeing Mark for a couple of months I was off my thyroid medication completely. My eyes started to focus and my straight sight was good again and sharp. Further treatments followed and soon I got back my right sight as well even though my left sight is still showing up double. However I am very hopeful because I noticed that my left sight did focus sharply on many occasions after an adjustment with Mark. I also suffered from cervical spondylosis since my early thirties and I have been in pain everyday - the pain varies from day to day and most times I have pain shooting down my right arm. After adjustment treatments by Dr Mark Sinclair, my pain has virtually dissipated. I do have occasional pain every now and then but the pain has dropped from a scale of 10 to 3 at its max now. My life has changed drastically by getting chiropractic treatments and I just cannot thank Mark enough for his committed attitude to my health. I have experienced hives and ringing in the ears disappear from just one adjustment session with Mark. It is remarkable and needless to say my family and friends witnessed my improvements and they have all committed, like me, to seeing Mark for chiropractic adjustments. I can only conclude to say that not all chiropractors are the same - Mark is so committed to his patients and have left me speechless time and again when he makes time to attend to me after getting a SOS call from me regarding some health conditions that I am experiencing at that moment. My health has improved by leaps and bounds since I committed myself to continual chiropractic care under Mark. I just can't thank Mark enough for his commitment to journey with me out of my conditions - which I thought was hopeless. Thanks Mark - my family and I are every grateful for all you have done for us.

by Junior Madureira on Sinclair Chiropractic
It changed my life!

Since I started being treated with Dr. Mark, my overall health has greatly improved. Dr. Mark treated my back and neck pain, my body alignment and even improved my eyesight. Whenever I injure myself when practicing sports or doing the usual weekend DIY, I get an appointment with Dr. Mark to immediately solve the problem. My whole family has been at the careful hands of Dr. Mark and I couldn't recommend him better. Thank you!